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Ask the Doctor
« on: July 18, 2017, 09:26:32 am »
Get your answers from Dr Strange Bud by posting
a brief but DETAILED outline of your problem.

Remember the details you leave out may be the
reason you can't get a good answer to the problem.



strain, recent applications of non-nute materials
(milticides, pesticides, etc) list any protective barriers
such as plastic sheeting or sunscreens, age of grow,

example: Dankouver, Serenade, Gopher Wire, 2 mo's
[My leaves are crispy at tips but not discolored, I use
 Happy Frog Soil with added Perlite, B1/Ben's Guano
#2 for vegging, Superthrive foilar spray every other day]

"My plants are getting signs of white powdery mildew.
I spot spray but it keeps popping up and I am close to
early flowering. Help!"

ANSWER: Please let us know if you plants receive any
dew or summer rain in your area. Remember if so, you
can construct a visquine or clear plastic hood so that
at night you can cover plants. Also spot-spraying is not
good enough for some mildews. If you are near flowering
or even if you are in early or mid-flowering Serenade may
be applied without concern for your buds. Spray liberally
but not needed to spray for runoff. Next time consider an
additional preventative like the mildew/mold spray recipe
in this forum.


strain, growth medium, pH, average TDS, type of growth method,
(Drain to Waste, NFL, etc), passive and active air circulation, brand
of nute/etc used, air temp and humidity. For indoor we prefer a pic
of the area, age of grow and history of plant event and problems.

Place your favorite grow method and other facts in your sig so users
can easily see what you are about.

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